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Arioniad: Experimental, solitaire space opera. The characters stay the same, but the rules and setting change as I experiment with new games and new approaches. Season 1: Tasty, nutritious Savage Worlds Deluxe served on a bed of Dark Nebula boardgame and garnished with Solo. Season 2: 5150 No Limits: Maiden Voyage.

Pawns of Destiny: Conanesque sword and sorcery. Savage Worlds rules, Beasts & Barbarians setting. Unusually for me, there are no house rules.


Aslan Border Wars: A solitaire playthrough of the Dark Nebula boardgame, to generate setting background for the other campaigns in that volume of space.

Old Musky: He who fights with space pirates should look to it that he himself does not become a space pirate. Mongoose Traveller 2 rules, Dark Nebula setting.

Pirates of Drinax: I bowed to the inevitable and let one group turn pirate, using Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition in the Official Traveller Universe’s Trojan Reach.

Rattenbury Ghost: The surviving crew of the Collateral Damage go self-employed in a stolen pirate ship. Savage Worlds rules, and originally the Dark Nebula setting, but who knows where they are now? Not them, certainly.


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