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Forecast for 2019

“Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.” – Allen Saunders

Over the last month or so, I asked my players what they what to do next, and none of them gave the answer I expected. I shall adjust my plans accordingly, as there is no point forcing them into campaigns that don’t interest them. The players fall into three groups which I think of as Reading, VTT, and Wantage.

I expected the Reading group to go for the Dracula Dossier, but actually they asked for more Beasts & Barbarians.

I thought the VTT group would want to continue with Traveller, but when talking about their perfect game, they unknowingly described early-edition D&D.

Finally, I predicted that the Wantage group would prefer Beasts & Barbarians, but what they asked for was more Savage Worlds in a science-fiction setting.

So, despite my intentions, the forecast for 2019 is dense patches of Beasts & Barbarians, with scattered outbreaks of Labyrinth Lord and Savage Traveller.

I did not see that coming.


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