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For some time now I’ve been trying to persuade my usual face to face group to try the Dracula Dossier campaign for Night’s Black Agents, but run under Savage Worlds; and the weekend before last they agreed to try it out.

I ran one of the Edom Files scenarios, Four Days of the Bat, which is a mission to find and extract a woman called Emily Grant from Berlin during the late Cold War, and I thought it went well; there were some very cinematic moments…

The best was probably the fantastic piece of driving where Muller (muscle and wheel artist) drifted a purloined taxi sideways across Ruhwald Park as the bad guys made their move on Grant, threw the door open, and hit Grant in the back of the legs with the door sill, causing her to collapse neatly into the passenger seat before he roared off with Nicolae (asset handler and face) diving through the rear passenger window while Parton (investigator) and Henley (SAS bang and burner) shot the tyres out on the van full of Romanian thugs trying to grab the girl.

A close second was the fight in the back of the same taxi when a vampire spawn hurled herself through the rear window to get at the girl – Muller firing a Glock into the back seat one-handed over his shoulder while accelerating down the Autobahn towards Templehof airport with Nicolae (asset handler) diving out of the passenger door to avoid the spawn just as Varoutte (black bagger) rode past on a stolen motorcycle, scooping him up on the pillion before he hit the concrete.

However, the feedback from the players showed only one definitely interested in a Dracula Dossier campaign, a couple lukewarm towards the idea, and three strongly against. Not the level of enthusiasm I was hoping for; what the bulk of the group wants to play is mediaeval fantasy, not gritty modern horror.

That’s real shame, but the point is to have fun, and clearly most of the group would have more fun playing something different. Someday, maybe, with another group?


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