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The third of three core books for the Hellfrost setting for Savage Worlds, the others being the Player’s Guide and the Gazetteer; 132 page PDF, written by Paul “Wiggy” Wade-Williams and published by Triple Ace Games.

The Bestiary opens with an introductory chapter which talks about treasure, monstrous abilities, encounters and archetypes, and closes with a section on creating relics (which is what Savage Worlds calls magic items).

Both of these sections are solid, sensible stuff, without much in the way of tables. Hellfrost as a setting is relatively old now, having first been published in 2009, so if you’re using the current edition of the rules you’ll find some things like random encounters in the core SW rulebook. Other things like treasure aren’t in SW itself.

The bulk of the book, though, is monsters. There are writeups and statblocks for over 150 monsters and NPCs. Savage Worlds doesn’t have an extensive range of monsters itself, but you’ll find many of the “missing” standard monsters here – gargoyles, giants, golems, hellhounds, lizardmen and so forth – as well as many new opponents. Obviously, these are usable in other settings as well.

The PCs’ opponents will usually be intelligent creatures such as men, orcs or goblins, with true monsters being intentionally rare, like the relics – magic items in Hellfrost are always placed intentionally by the GM, they don’t turn up at random. This is how I run things by default, so it’s fine for me. If you want D&D style random encounter and treasure tables, mind, you’re on your own.

Regular readers will know I pay little attention to gear chapters in RPGs, simply because they don’t interest me very much. It turns out the same is true for monster manuals, in this case because my PCs almost always face human beings rather than clawed and tentacled monstrosities. Is it a good product? Yes. Will I use it? Not very much, I expect.


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